HD Weave® Technology - What's Your Design?


PREMISE: Today, you have innumerable logo'd gift choices that any golf club or tournament can purchase from the same group of vendor catalogs.  There is a vast "sea of sameness" among golf gifts to choose from for tee prizes, but very limited ways for those gifts to stand out for your organization. However, what if you could have your own exclusive design for branding your club/tournament applied to all of your gifting, and be able to do so in such a manner as to not have to commit to large minimum quantities of raw materials, as is usually the case with most vendors?

PROMISE:  With Barrington's new HD Weave® Technology, your organization can have its own proprietary designed pattern digitally infused into a unified collection of lifestyle gifts.  Barrington is advancing custom gifting to a new and unparalleled level of creativity with HD Weave® Technology





1. Barrington will work with you to identify designs you may already have or design a new pattern that will match your tastes while setting your organization's gift collection apart in a brand-enhancing manner.  There are NO limitations on design or the numbers of colors to use...the only limitation is your imagination.

2. Your proprietary design can be digitally infused into a 2-ply WATERPROOF EXTERIOR fabric that delivers vibrant colors, sharp detail and premium, luxury feel to your gifts.


3.  Even your CUSTOM FABRIC LINING inside a gift may be run with unlimited colors using HD Weave® Technology at a significantly lower cost per color than before.


4. You can obtain this unprecedented level of customization at only a 24 unit minimum per item for events, and for as few as 1 unit by purchasing Barrington's Pro-Pack for your pro-shop.  And please don't forget, we do this at world-class speed vs. our peers in the gifts industry, allowing us to meet client in-hand dates in a more timely fashion.



Please contact your Barrington Representative or me for WHOLESALE DIRECT price quotes and your request for us to begin the design process for your organization's new HD Weave® pattern!